In line with people, nature and environment

An increasing number of travellers - in Germany more than 50% - is taking ecological sustainibility into account, when it comes to planning holidays. By choosing their destination, travellers are interested in climate change, considerate exploitation with resources, energy consumption, species protection, biodiversity, pollution control. More and more tourists want to frame their holidays more ecologially sensitive and have a lot of questions to their hosts. We give the answers: Since September 2020 our "Wellness-Ferienhof am Rebgarten" commits sustainable business operations, controlled by the nonprofit organisation TourCert. Further more we are engaged as a member of the initiative "Nachhaltiges Reiseziel Deutsche Weinstraße" (Sustainable Destination German Wine Route).

We are convinced, that responsible tourism - in line with people, nature and landscape, preserving resources and based on environement and climate protection - makes the difference. Responsible tourism is the basic principle to create added value for the region in the long run. Sustainability also answers to the rising quality standards our guests are looking for. It saves costs and supports the competive edge.

Sustainability with pleasure and fun

Sustainability, comfort, pleasure, health and a lot of fun - this goes together. A fortiori in the Palatinate and in fact in Bad Dürkheim on the outskirts of the largest forest in Germany, the so-called  Biosphärenreservat Pfälzerwald-Nordvogesen.

Our planet is our home,
our only home.
Where are we supposed to go,
if we destroy it?``

Dalai Lama

Located in the midth of the German Wine Route, Bad Dürkheim provides adventure close to nature and down-to-earth enjoyments in a cultural landscape and a versatile touristic infrastructure. Responsible tourism targets at keeping these experiences of a widely intact nature also for the follwing generations.

Sustainable holidays start with the journey

With direct connection to the ICE railway station Mannheim by trolley-car and an own railway station, both operated over day every 30 minutes, Bad Dürkheim provides ideal requirements for travelling without car. In addition, we offer free shuttle services from the railway stations on request.

During your stay we also support your mobility by our rental bikes. So together with the well organized public transport you may reach the Palatinate highlights easily.

Further more at the Bad Dürkheim railway station hire cars are waiting for car sharing. 

Efficient power plant and energy management from the beginning

It was a clever decisision to heat our holiday apartments with wood pellets, from the start, a regional available and renewable energy source. We also decided for a as much as possible self-sufficient electric supply. An energy check, supported by the EU and the energy agency Rhineland-Palatinate and conducted in autumn 2020, confirmed our exemplary energy management and the state-of-the-art heating systems. By this, most of our energy consumption saves costs already today and will even be tax-free, when the CO2-tax will be introduced in 2023.

The efficient solar heat on the roof makes the wood pellets system stop during summer and provides the warm water for showering alone. Foto: Klaus Kochendörfer
The efficient solar heat on the roof makes the wood pellets system stop during summer and provides the warm water for showering alone. Foto: Klaus Kochendörfer

Supported by an efficient solar heat, our wood pellets power plant provides cosiness in the all-around high-grade insulated house, that fulfills the standards of a KfW-100-building. From about May to late October the wood pellets heating system is turned off, because the collectors on the roof supply solar energy for heating the warm water sufficiently during summer.

Due to our photovoltaic solar power plant we also are rather self-sufficient from electric input supply on sunny days. The solar energy, that is stored in the battieries over the day, often is enough for the electric use over night. In addition, we deliver our naturally produced electricity into the mains.

Our estate is lightened only by energy-saving LEDs. All our electric devices have low energy consumption (minumum A++, mostly A+++). The major energy users such as washing machines, dryers and dish washers are equipped with energy and water saving technologies, e.g. recuperators.

Over all our estate emits only about 3.4 tons of carbon dioxide per year to the atmosphere. This is half of the average COproduction of one German per year.

Watering the garden with rain from the roofs

Increasing dry seasons make water to a rare resource more and more. Some small technical devices such as flow controls, aerators or the saving push-button at the toilet help to reduce the use of valuable drinking water.

For watering our garden we use rainwater from the roofs, which is buffered in an underground tank.

Is it worth mentioning? Of course with the help of our guests we separate waste for the environmentally sound disposal.

Also in your holidays: Water without legionella and a healthy home

For warm water e.g. for showering fresh drinking water is heated always during the actual consumption in a separated cross-flow heat exchanger. Thus we avoid legionella in the system. In addition, we flush the pipes with 70°C in order to kill the bacteria. This happens preferably on sunny days, when the buffer store is supercharged for free by the sun.

When building-up our apartments we used ecologically compatible materials. The furniture mostly is constructed with material from nature. Wooden furniture provides both comfort and a healthy indoor climate. Our bedclothes are allergy-friendly. The floors with ceramics or sealed cork provide a low-dust atmosphere.

We use phosphate- und solvent-free biodegredable detergents, that do not demage any bodies of water. We prefer products in bottles from recycled plastics.

Our sauna essences contain no artificial aromas.

For our beverage service we want to use only deposit bottles, best made of glass.

Regular auditing for continous development

Dealing with all these subjecs, we visited seminars and participated in online trainings to get prepared for the certification by TourCert. We disclose our energy balance and consumption of electricity and water to the organization and watch carefully our ecological footprint of carbon dioxide emission. A catalogue of agreed measurements, which is continously updated and regularly audited, assures further improvements of sustainabilty step by step. You know, to do better is the best way of doing well. 

Your responsible holidays

Whether you choose your preferred destination or your means of travel, whether you stay in the nature at your vacation resort - there are many options to protect the environment and to preserve resources. It is also in your hands. What we can add to your sustainable holidays, we are willing to do.

TourCert is a worldwide engaged nonprofit organization, located in Stuttgart/Germany. TourCert unites experts in tourism, academia, environment, development, and politics and got awarded for many times. With many years of experiences TourCert is committed to responsible tourism. “Travel for Tomorrow” means making the travel industry fit for the future and also sensitizing travellers on achieving a positive contribution for everyone involved with their holidays.

Here you can download our certificate.
TourCert Check Zertifikat Wellness-Ferie
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Mission Declaration
Our mission declaration presents our strategy for sustainability. This includes also statements regarding biodiversity, regional engagement, human rights, social responsibilty as well as communications (only in German).
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