For your health, comfort and well-being

You feel so sick ...

In Bad Duerkheim and the surroundings, e. g. in Heidelberg, hospitals offer special medical and health services for patients from abroad. A hospital stay is always not easy, especially when you come from foreign countries, such as from Middle or Far East. Other language, cultural change, other habit, different conventions ... You feel sick abaut this - more than your body is. 

... don`t worry ...

In cooperation with hospitals we offer (long-term) accommodation in our apartments for you as a patient with ambulant treatment or as the patient's companion. So you have both, high level health care and a comfortable home for relaxing, where you can live "your style". Of course together with your family members, if you like.

So far, we have had some guests with this background from all over the world. They all felt good about this arrangement for the time of medical service in Germany.

We respect your culture and we find ways of integration of your needs and expectations. We support you in questions of everyday life and help you to find a good way in the strange surroundings. In our guesthouse you live in some inner distance to your medical treatments, but not too far away from your hospital. Good traffic links make it easy to go there. Your home is a well equipped apartment, where you can cool down and sleep camly and trouble-free, stay in WiFi-contact with your family, clean your clothes, cook your favorite food and live your life as usual. 

Supporting your recovery

By this, we support your physical recovery. Because you will get better more quickly, if you and your family members are feeling good. 

How to arrange?

Our reservation calendars are up-to-date, and you will see that bookings are fixed  already for the future.

Therfore, as soon as you know the dates for your medical treatment in Germany, you should call us or get in contact with us in order to book your accommodation. It is important that you give us information at an early stage of your plans, so that you have a good chance for hard and fast booking and we can arrange your stay in our apartments.

Thank you for your understanding. We like to welcome you and to make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible.