Our spa area

Relaxing in exclusive ambiance

Forget about the dull routine of everyday life and let your senses go dancing ... Our spa area offers a lot of options for recreation and relaxing.  Would you like a sauna evening after enjoying the fresh air in the Palatinate Forest on a cold winter day? Or you get inspired by the cool and fuzzy whirlpool after a hot summer day on the "Pfälzer Weinsteig", the longest walking route in Palatinate? Or what about some da capo after the colourful impressions of the traditional Wurstmarkt fireworks? Whatever you like ....

Sensual experiences by sweating and bubbles - also for disabled guests

The sauna invites you either for a sweating cure in the traditional Finnish style or for a clima optimized bio steam bath with lower temperature and higher air humidity. For cooling-down between the sauna sessions or after the sweating cure there is a rain shower or even the cold water jet.

The whirlpool offers well-tempered bubble serenades for two by gently massaging nozzles. And you may dunk the spa area into colour shades and music, just as you like.

The spa area is next door to our low barrier apartment Rainbow on the same ground level. So handicapped guests can use the spa area, too. However, for technical reasons the sauna door is only 60 cm broad.